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Whee! New icon, made by the very clever and wicked emma_tennant. I feel as if I'm old enough that I shouldn't want one of these, but what can I say. Fangirling keeps one youthful on the inside. That and the branflakes.
Anyhow, one of the New Year's Resolutions was to actually post to this journal on a semi-regular basis, so this should be the first of... well, the first of some.
So, I've been watching Blackpool this week. Yay for the public library carrying the most random assortment of DVDs ever! I've watched the first 3 eps so far. Phwoar! Love the musical-type style. So amusing. So clever. So bloody hawt.
It's been raining today, an event that has made all the plants in my garden sing and dance. (the roses are singing "the boy with the thorn in his side": attention seeking wannabes.)
I've started reading "Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett, on the recommendation of my father. I'm only less than 5% into it (yes, I do keep vague track of what percentage through books I am), and I'm enjoying it so far. Dad's usually pretty good with his book recommendations, although I did catch him the truly awful "The Innocent" by posie graeme-evans last month. He humoured me while I told him what was wrong with it, and almost admitted that it was rubbish. we take our victories where we find them...
It's been a funny old day. Sometimes it just feels like everything is linked somehow. Late this morning I put my hand up to my ear and discovered I'd lost an earring. Panic!! I looked everywhere I'd been since I got to work - concentrating on places where I'd taken off my cardigan or my scarf, and found nothing. I had got to the stage of hoping that it was still at home, that perhaps I'd distracted myself while getting dressed and left home wearing only one earring. I put the remaining earring in my pocket and stopped thinking about it.
After lunch, I 'd let my class into the room, and was fussing about with my laptop and data projector when one of the charming young men I teach approached. "I found this under my desk, Miss," he said, holding out the missing earring. The whole class laughed as I skipped for joy.
Several hours and a boring after-school meeting later, I got into my car and realised I didn't have my sunglasses. So, I traipsed down to my classroom again to see if I'd left them on my desk (sure enough). On my way through the seemingly deserted corridors, I was spotted by one of the cleaners. "Are you a teacher here?" she asked. When I said I was, she handed over a mobile phone she'd picked up in one of the classrooms. "I didn't know what I should do with this," she told me. So, I took it off her hands and managed to find someone still in the main office who could lock it safely away overnight. No doubt a distraught owner will turn up first thing tomorrow morning to claim it.
So, I have this account now. Much as I am inclined to run away screaming and hide behind the sofa, I am also strangely fascinated to see if I can Tame the Beast and bring it under my power. Heh. So, here goes, trying to see if I can make the jolly thing do what I want.
I'm not well today. I had that awful feeling yesterday of waking with a sore throat, and going through the day feeling myself getting sicker and sicker. Didn't stop me going to the cinema last night tho did it. Oh no. And today I pay.